USB Power Meter

The USB Power Meter (UPM772) is a broadband log receiver (10MHz to 10GHz) which can operate on L/S/C/X-band. It is a power meter designed for radar testing, both for on site (Tx and Tx driver) power measurements and for portable fieldwork. For the latter purpose the required receive antennas are included in the interface kit.

The USB Power Meter can be used to take a snapshot of the antenna diagram of a radar system. The UPM772 records continuously through a USB interface. The recording will show the pulses (comparable to the “Scope” function of the Radar Field Analyser), showing the basic Tx and antenna parameters (pulse width, sidelobe levels, ...).

In the field of radar the UPM772 can be used in three different applications:

  • as pulse power meter on site or in the field
  • as measurement tool to extract antenna diagrams (f.e before/after radome installation)
  • as field strength meter for investigation of health and safety conditions
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