Video Recording

The radar processor produces several trigger and azimuth signals, and it receives the (up to three channel) video input from the receivers. The IE video recording devices are intended for detailed recording of video level reply signals and digital trigger signals.

The Radar Interface Module (RIM782) is able to record all types of PSR, SSR or Mode-S radar video signals. The RIM782 has 6 video signals (software selectable), 2 trigger signals and 2 rotation interfaces (ACP and ARP signals, both single-ended and differential). One can connect up to 6 video signals to the RIM782; through software 2 channels will be selected for recording. This allows connecting for instance both SSR channels or a combination of PSR/SSR video.

Special analysis tools create links between radar plot or track data and the recorded video. This allows you to recall any video on any "suspicious" plot or track messages, simply by clicking the correct link. For PSR radar evaluation, clutter recording analysis tools (PSR Viewer) operate from RIM782 recordings.

The RIM782 is also capable of recording serial and track data.

Key features for Video Recording:

  • Direct digital recording to PC with time stamps
  • Recording of (M)SSR/PSR Downlink antenna diagrams
  • PSR VPD Solar recording function
  • Sectorial Video recording for detailed reply recording
  • Window-based Video recording
  • Environment Recordings (FRUIT determination)
  • Live monitoring of recordings
  • Recording of SSR replies, Mode-S replies/interrogations and PSR returns
  • Modify / add data to files, data manipulation on video levels
  • On-screen playback of files for simulation & test purposes
  • Embedded multi-level linking between radar data and video data
  • Primary Clutter recording with clutter analysis software
  • Can be used for RASS-R Displays (MRD3): requires RASS-R software

The USB Video Recorder or UVR892 digitises the video signals of the radar. ACP/ARP generated by the antenna encoder and a trigger signal are passed to the UVR892 through the RB connection (after signal conditioning by the RTI966) so that the video signals are aligned with the appropriate timing. The UVR892 has 2 video channels and offers the following functions:

Key features:

  • Recording of (M)SSR/PSR Downlink Antenna diagrams
  • PSR VPD Solar recording function
  • Sectorial Video Recording for detailed reply recording
  • Window-based Video Recording

Mode-S Decoder – MSD840

The Mode-S Decoder (MSD840) decodes SSR 3A/C, Mode-S (All Call, Roll Call) and IFF modes (1,2,4) interrogations on Rf input and provides the trigger signals to a video recording device (RIM782 or UVR892).

3 Channel IF to Logarithmic Module – IFL520

Many applications in RASS-S require a logarithmic video signal with high dynamic range. Newer PSR radars use Digital IF Processing, or simply do not have an external log-video available. If for RASS measurements or for some other purpose a log video signal is required and an IF signal is available, the 3 channel IF to Logarithmic module can help to solve this problem. The IFL520 converts any IF outputs of a SSR or PSR radar into Log video. The frequency of the input signal can vary between 10 and 500MHz. The input level can vary between +13dBm and -85dBm. The output is calibrated for 30, 60, and 90MHz; the calibration table is supplied with the IFL520 module and has a logarithmic transfer function.

Applications for the IFL520 include:

  • Sensitivity measurement of IF receivers
  • Solar VPD measurements
  • Bandwidth measurements of IF receivers
  • Downlink HPD measurements of radar with Digital receivers
  • Monitoring of IF signals in receiver path of radar